What Is a Frost King Electric Heat Cable Kit?


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A Frost King electric heat cable kit provides heat to prevent pipes from freezing. The kit has a thermostat to prevent the cable from overheating and melting plastic pipe. In climates where insulating pipes does not provide adequate protection, the electric heat cable helps to eliminate frozen and broken pipes.

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Use of heat cable kits requires special precautions. The cable should never overlap itself or make 90-degree turns. Once the installation of the cable is complete, the pipe and cable require insulation. The thermostat turns on the heat when the temperature reaches the set point and protects pipes to negative 38 degrees Fahrenheit. While heat tapes without thermostats are often less expensive, they are dangerous to use. These tapes often overheat, causing damage to plastic pipes or fires.

If pipes are leaking, the installer should make repairs before installing the heat tape. Leaking water damages the insulation and increases the chance of a short with the heat cable. Read the directions the manufacturer provides with the cable, as some manufacturers design their products to wrap around the pipe and other designs require installation straight down its side. Installers should apply tape to buried pipes that are above the frost line to ensure they also have protection from freezing.

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