Why Are Front-Loading Washer Ratings Useful?


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Front-loading washer ratings are useful because they help buyers find a washer that is energy efficient, according to CNET. A buyer should search for the EnergyStar and CEE rating and check the EnergyGuide label.

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The Environmental Protection Agency uses the EnergyStar rating system to suggest energy-saving and functional products, states CNET. Products that have the EnergyStar approval seal include basic washers with great water economy and higher-tech washers that meet the agency's efficiency standard. Many top-loading washing machines are available in traditional or high-efficiency models with EnergyStar ratings, ranging from basic dials and two wash cycles to touch screens and 11 wash cycles. The CEE rating is provided by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, a nonprofit organization that aims to encourage major markets and businesses to improve the development and use of efficient products. Its rating system applies to washers and other residential appliances. Washers with the CEE Tier One are considered highly efficient, and products with the CEE Tier Three rating are the most efficient.

Buyers should read the EnergyGuide label, a yellow label that informs people on the amount of energy an appliance uses, explains CNET. A great benefit of this label is that it tells buyers on how an appliance compares to competition in terms of efficiency.

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