What Are Some Front Loader Washer Repairs Doable at Home?


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Some common front loader washer problems that can be repaired at home include the washer is smelly, the washer is making noise and the washer is leaking. The specific common front loader problems depend on the particular make and model.

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Mildew and mold building in the gasket usually cause a smelly washer up. This also causes clothes to smell after washing. Appliance owners can easily fix the problem by cleaning the gasket with vinegar every few months. They can also run hot water every so often, and use soap specially designed for high-efficiency washers to fix the problem, or avoid it all together.

A noisy washer is another common problem that can easily be fixed at home. This is usually caused by water coming into contact with the bearings. The machine being on an uneven surface can also cause this. Homeowners can fix the problem by replacing the ball bearings, or moving the location of the machine. They can also wrap the machine with foam insulation to reduce the noise.

Finally, a leaking machine is usually caused by an off-center drum, and machine overflow. The appliance can be fixed by pulling the drum forward and centering it before each wash. Appliance owners should also set the correct water level and avoid overloading the machine to fix it or avoid a leak.

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