What Is a Front Loader?


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A front loader is a type of washing machine in which the laundry is added through a door in the front of the machine. The basket and tub of a front loader washing are mounted horizontally, and agitation is accomplished using a back-and-forth motion and gravity.

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As of 2015, most older top-loading washing machines use between 45 and 55 gallons of water per wash, while front loaders and high-efficiency, top-loading machines use between 10 and 18 gallons of water. Because there is no agitator in a front loader, the entire tub can be filled with laundry. Sensors inside the machine read the fullness level and water is added accordingly.

Most front loader washers heat the hot water from the home, which is usually around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, to temperatures between 150 and 200 degrees. In many cases, this eliminates the need for bleach because the water is hot enough to clean and sanitize the laundry using only detergent. High-efficiency detergent is recommended for this type of machine.

Washing times for front loaders are, on average, longer than that of their top-loading counterparts. As the spinning cycle of front loaders is usually faster that of top loaders, drying times may be reduced. Front-loading washers frequently need more maintenance than top loaders and are more prone to mold growth.

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