Why Does a Frigidaire Washing Machine Stop Draining?

Why Does a Frigidaire Washing Machine Stop Draining?

A Frigidaire washing machine can stop draining properly if a part is worn out or a component becomes clogged. Additionally, a home's drain lines can also become clogged and cause drainage issues.

The first thing to do if a Frigidaire washing machine stops draining properly is to check the appliance for clogs. Sometimes, small clothing items make their way into a washing machine's pump or drain hose. Any obstructions found should be removed. It may be necessary to remove the inner tub and agitator to locate a clog.

A washing machine that does not drain well may have defective parts. A kinky drain hose typically does not drain properly and needs to be replaced. A broken or loose drive belt can also cause issues and needs to be repaired or replaced, and a worn-out pump could simply stop working.

If water is backing up into other drains, there could be a problem with the home's main plumbing line. A secondary line that is clogged still creates drainage issues but does not typically back up into other areas. Plumbing lines that are clogged may need to be professionally cleared.

Product manuals for Frigidaire washing machine models can be found on the manufacturer's website, which also advises where to find an authorized service provider or parts distributor. Owners of Frigidaire washing machines that are still under warranty can call an 800 number for help.