Does Frigidaire Recommend Powder or Liquid Soap in Their Dishwashers?

frigidaire-recommend-powder-liquid-soap-dishwashers Credit: Caroline Gagné/CC-BY 2.0

Frigidaire does not recommend one form of dishwasher soap over another. Whether using powder, liquid or gel, Frigidaire recommends that users consult their dishwasher owner's manual for specific information on the correct amount of soap to use based on water conditions.

Storing dishwasher soap in a cool, dry place is one way to ensure that it remains fresh and cleans optimally. Dishwasher soap that is not fresh sometimes doesn't clean dishes well because it may not fully dissolve during the wash cycle. Keeping the water temperature at or above 120 F at the beginning of the dishwasher cycle also ensures that the soap activates and dissolves completely.