Does Frigidaire Produce Retro Fridges?


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As of February 2015, Frigidaire does not produce retro refrigerators. Frigidaire is one of the first companies to manufacture refrigerators in America, and many antique Frigidaire refrigerators are available online from specialty retailers and individual resellers.

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For instance, Antique Appliances offers a fully restored Frigidaire AP-12 from 1927 for $16,000. To avoid the expense of purchasing an already restored vintage refrigerator, some individuals purchase poorly maintained antique refrigerators with plans to restore them. For instance, a vintage 1940s Frigidaire refrigerator with a broken compressor is available on eBay for $100. Current producers of retro fridges include Smeg, Oranier, Big Chill, Elmira Stove Works and GE through its Artistry Series.

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