How Is a Frigidaire Oven Igniter Replaced?


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To replace a Frigidaire oven igniter, the repairperson disconnects the power plug, removes the lower oven pan and bottom oven drawer for access, loosens the two screws holding the igniter in place, and unplugs the wires. He installs the new unit by reversing the steps.

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Frigidaire ovens have two igniters, one for the oven and one for the broiler. Both of these units are likely to require replacement at some point in the life of the oven. Testing the igniter requires turning on the oven and using an ammeter to determine the draw. The igniter must draw a minimum of 3.2 amps to open the safety valve and allow gas to flow into the oven. Any reading less than this indicates the igniter requires replacement.

A defective igniter causes several symptoms in the Frigidaire oven. Users often note little or no heat in the oven. In some cases, the heat in the oven is uneven or the user smells gas. As the igniter reaches the end of its lifecycle, it sometimes glows red, but does not produce enough heat to ignite the gas.

Replacement igniters are available through appliance parts stores and online. Owners with some experience should be able to complete the repair on their own to reduce the cost.

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