What Is a Frigidaire Front-Loading Washer?

frigidaire-front-loading-washer Credit: Getty Images North America/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Frigidaire's front-loading washer has a circular door on the front side of the machine through which the dirty laundry is passed. Traditionally, these types of washers have been used in laundromats. Top loaders are more conventional in private homes.

Typically, front-loading washing machines are more energy efficient. While the laundry in top loaders is completely covered in water, front-loaders use significantly less water. With this style, gravity pulls clothes back into the water as a horizontal drum rotates. During the rinse cycle, the laundry is not covered with water. Instead, water is sprayed onto the laundry as it continually turns. In addition, a front loader holds more laundry because it does not have an agitator in the center of the drum.