What Are the Frigidaire Dryer Error Codes?

Common error codes for Frigidaire-brand dryers include E AF, which indicates an electronic control board failure, and E 5B, which means that the heat isn't working. A full list of error codes can be found in the Dryer Data Tech Sheet, usually included as part of the owner's manual.

An electronic control board can be considered the "brain" of the dryer since it is the main command center for all of the appliance's functions. If it fails, it needs to be replaced. A heating error could be caused by multiple factors, including a tripped circuit breaker, faulty heating components and a constricted gas-supply cut-off valve.

Some other common error codes are E 68, which indicates that a key is stuck, and E 4A, which signals an extended drying time. The dryer may run for too long due to a broken or loose blower blade, a bad moisture-sensor circuit connection, inadequate ventilation or faulty installation. This can also be a result of a problem with heating equipment.

Model-specific manuals and general tech sheets can be found on the Frigidaire website. Aside from a full listing of error codes, the sheets contain valuable troubleshooting information to help in assessing and fixing problems.