Why Is My Fridge Freezer Not Getting Cold?


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The fridge's motor may be defective, according to ApplianceAid.com, especially if the evaporator fan is not working. A broken evaporator fan is an indication that the motor is not functional. Another problem can be the air damper not blowing enough cold air into the freezer.

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ApplianceAid.com goes on to say that the condenser tubing may be clogged with dirt or debris. Another clogging issue can be frost-free failure, when the evaporator coils are plagued with frost, blocking the evaporator fan, and diverting cold air from the freezer space. A visible indication of this problem includes a fan that is noisy, or has stopped altogether.

Repair Clinic notes that the start relay from the compressor may be an issue, a mechanism that provides power to the start winding, or the compressor itself may be defective. A worn-out condenser fan motor is also a primary cause of freezer malfunction.

GEAppliances.com notes that the problem can be the refrigerator itself, particularly if the appliance is in diagnostic mode. Diagnostic mode occurs after a refrigerator has been serviced. Unplugging the fridge and allowing it to power down for 30 seconds allows the unit to reset itself. Various control boards can be the issue, such as the temperature control thermostat, the user control and display board and the main control board. ApplianceAid.com also states that the problem can also be something simple as checking the gasket seals to make sure the door is being sealed properly.

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