What Is a Fresh Air Ionizer on a Tower Fan?

A fresh air ionizer on a tower fan puts out charged particles, known as ions, to facilitate the confinement of contaminants in the purification filters. Without an ionizer, an air freshener fails to trap particles that are small enough to make it through the filter.

People with severe allergies, chemical sensitivity or asthma benefit from the role ionizers play inside the air purifier on a tower fan. Allergens, such as smoke, pet dander, mold and dust, as well as unpleasant substances such as chemical toxins, viruses and other odors, have an easier time making it through air purifiers that operate without ionizers.

The ionizers in air purifiers also cut down on static electricity, help people in the room avoid fatigue and even boost mood. Positive ions float around people in most everyday settings. For example, these ions give an old cellar its stuffy feel. These ions also increase blood pressure and have the potential to make bad moods truly foul. In general, positive ions have an effect on health that is anything but positive.

An ionizer adds negative ions to the atmosphere. Their effect is to increase vigor and create a fresh feeling, much like one feels right after a storm, while on a walk in the mountains or even directly after a warm shower.