What Are Some French Door Accessories?


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Some French door accessories include dummy door levers, door bolts and multipoint trims. Dummy door levers are designed to be equipped on French doors that only have push and pull functions. Some French door configurations feature a single operable door, while the other is fixed.

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What Are Some French Door Accessories?
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The dummy door lever is then installed in the fixed door to mirror the design of the operable door. Dummy door levers generally do not come with a deadbolt or key hole.

Door bolts are a basic French door feature; however, many companies accessorize the bolts to make them more aesthetically appealing. For example, HouseOfAntiqueHardware.com manufactures two types of door bolts that are specifically designed to be used with French doors. The first is the 9-foot Floral Cremone Bolt, which is adorned with intricate patterns and designs. The door bolt also has an unlaquered brass finish, which adds to its antique design style.

The second door bolt design line is the 9-foot Floral Cremone Bolt in Antique-By-Hand door bolt that is manufactured out of solid brass. The door bolt features a flower design that is cast directly into the bolt's handle.

Multipoint trims are locking systems that are generally only found in French doors. The system is designed to operate a series of different latches that are spaced out along the length of the door frame. Multipoint trim door handles can be accessorized and custom designed to add to the overall look of the French doors.

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