What Are French Country Paint Colors?


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French Country paint colors include: warm reds and creamy pinks; muted violets; soft, buttery yellows; brighter saffron yellows; watery blues; milky whites; and bright turquoise, as well as cornflower blue. This design style can feature any of the colors on the spectrum, and they can range from saturated and vibrant to muted and neutral, as well as whites.

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French Country colors traditionally vary from region to region, and they rely on the area's local color pigments. Walls and furniture are painted with pigments created from local ingredients. Some traditional color pigment recipes include milk washes, lime washes, and a green- or gray-toned distemper, which is an old form of paint made from finely ground chalk and glue. Color choices are influenced by the region's natural light and weather. In the north, where winters are cold and summers mild, the colors are cooler and paler and have a gray undertone, like the northern skies. They use: soft, sage greens; pale, watery blues; misty grays; and creamy pinks. Colors in the southern regions are influenced by bright sunshine, clear blue skies, and fields of sunflowers, lavender, olives and grapes. Designs in this region feature warmer colors--such as terracotta red, saffron yellows, musty lavenders and violets, and blues including turquoise--reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

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