How Does a Freezer Chest Compare With an Upright Freezer?


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While a freezer chest is generally less expensive than an upright freezer and allows the dedication of more of its space to food, an upright freezer is generally easier to organize. This allows for easy rotation of food to keep the stored items edible.

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Chest freezers have side wall insulation built-in, which means that they keep their temperatures more easily and use less electricity to operate. Chest freezers are so efficient that, if the power goes out for some reason, as long as the lid remains closed, the food inside stays frozen for 48 to 72 more hours, depending on how much food is in the freezer. A chest freezer does defrost manually in most cases, which can take as long as a whole day when necessary. These freezers generally offer at least one basket to help the owner organize the freezer's contents.

Upright freezers generally come with auto defrost, which can come in handy for busy owners. Many upright freezers have door storage bins that are removable and adjustable, as well as shelves that adjust and slide and baskets or bins that pull out easily. These features combine to make it easier to sort and store the contents of the freezer. Large items, particularly those with an unusual shape such as a frozen goose or lengthy frozen items, may require the removal of a shelf to fit.

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