How Do You Freeze Bed Bugs to Death?


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To freeze bed bugs to death, collect the infested items, set the freezer to zero degrees Fahrenheit, place the items in the freezer, and leave them inside for four days. Place a remote thermometer inside the freezer to keep track of the progress.

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  1. Collect the infested items

    Collect the affected items. Avoid freezing electronics, irreplaceable items, valuable books and items that contain liquids or high moisture.

  2. Set the freezer

    Set the freezer to zero degrees Fahrenheit or lower. This is important because anything above this means that small bed bugs and eggs may survive. Lower temperatures also reduce the time needed to kill the bed bugs.

  3. Place the items in the freezer

    Place the items infested with bed bugs in the freezer. Place a remote thermometer inside the freezer if you are worried about maintaining a good temperature. Close the freezer.

  4. Leave the items inside the freezer

    Leave the items in the freezer for 4 days. Check your remote thermometer periodically to ensure you maintain a good temperature. Do not attempt to freeze your house in an effort to kill bed bugs. Leaving doors or windows open during winter is ineffective in killing bed bugs, and can cause serious structural damage.

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