How do you frame a Whirlpool tub?


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To frame a Whirlpool tub, start by laying a 2-by-4-inch board next to the front of the tub, aligning it with the left front edge. Use a carpenter's pencil to mark the length of the tub onto to board. Repeat for each side of the tub, marking which side is which, such as "F" for front, "BL" for back left and "BR" for back right. Using a circular saw, cut two boards to length for each side.

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Measure the height of the tub from the floor to the top wall. Subtract 3.5 inches for the two boards, or the top and bottom planks. Mark a 2-by-4 board to that measurement, and cut at the mark to create the vertical studs. Make one stud for each wall, as well as one for every 16 inches between the ends. Place the bottom plate boards around the tub where it is to be anchored.

Use a hammer and concrete nails to secure the bottom plate boards into the concrete at each corner. Nail two more nails into the length of the plate and one into the width. Nail the vertical studs into the bottom plate using 16-penny nails. Align the top plate, and then nail it to the vertical studs with 16-penny nails.

Take measurements of the length and width of each side of the frame, and cut paneling to fit each side. Attach the paneling to the sides by nailing it onto the vertical studs. Take measurements for the length and width of the top plates and cut paneling to fit. Use 16-penny nails to nail paneling to the top plate. Plaster and cover the walls of the framework using water-resistant materials.

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