How Do You Frame a Shed Roof?

How Do You Frame a Shed Roof?

To frame a shed roof, measure the dimensions of the shed, calculate the roof pitch, cut the wood and put the frame together. It is important to assemble each side of the roof separately and then attach the two sides of the frame on top of the shed.

To build a basic frame for a shed roof, run through the following steps.

  1. Take measurements
  2. Measure the length and width of the shed walls, starting at the outsides of the walls. Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the walls. Take a rise measurement running from the middle of the shed floor to the desired height of the roof center.

  3. Calculate the roof pitch
  4. The roof pitch describes how steep the slope of the roof is. To calculate the pitch, determine how many inches the roof rises vertically for every 12 inches of horizontal space.

  5. Cut the wood
  6. Cut out the wood for the frame according to the measurements determined in the first two steps.

  7. Assemble the frame
  8. For ideal results, assemble each side of the frame separately. This makes it easier to install the frame on top of the shed. Install one side of the roof frame on top of the shed, and then add the second side on the other end of the shed.