How do you frame a round mirror?


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Frame a circular or oval mirror either by finding a pre-made frame to match the mirror's dimensions or by building a frame with decorative material. Depending on the materials chosen, the creation may require a hot glue gun, sand paper, shellac, mirror adhesive and woodworking tools.

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How do you frame a round mirror?
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Many frames for round mirrors employ a "star-burst" technique in which long pieces of metal or wood radiate from the center. When creating a star-burst frame using wood, sand the materials evenly, glue them into the shape of a frame, glue a plywood backing to the frame, then apply stain and paint. To create a metal frame, use kebab skewers or different types of gardening stakes. Alternate between short, medium and long implements to create texture. Lay the materials around a round object with a smaller radius than the mirror. Glue the mirror to the center of the design using a strong glue capable of holding the weight.

For a different type of look, consider using more abstract materials, such as slices of PVC piping, colored plastic spoons, pencils, rulers, a cake pan, plywood, mosaics, rope, fabric and even lace. Unless it is an oval mirror, always create an even circumference when laying materials.

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