How Do You Frame a Patio Roof?


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To frame a patio roof, dig two holes on each corner where you want the patio roof to be installed, insert a 4-by-4 post anchor in each hole, and fill the holes with concrete. Wait for a day to allow the concrete to dry completely before pre-drilling holes into the posts. Anchor the posts to the post anchors in the already dry concrete. Anchor caps and anchor posts help to make the patio roof stronger and long lasting.

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To place caps on posts, put a 4-by-4 post cap on top of each post and fix it with 1/2 inch bolt. Attach the header across, and then connect with screws on each side to the anchored caps. Mark the top and bottom of the ledger width with chalk. Cut a line in the house to 1 1/8 inch depth using a circular saw. Identify and mark the stud on the wall of the house, then transfer stud marks to the ledger and fix to the house appropriately.

Depending on the size of the patio, attach the rafters from ledger to ledger at approximately 16 inches apart. After the framework is completed, decide on the type of patio roofing to be used, or cover the frame with a patio roof cover.

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