How Do You Frame a Jersey?


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To frame a jersey, measure the jersey, and then lay it out. Pin it to the backing, and sew the jersey to the mat board.

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  1. Measure the jersey

    Measure the jersey to pick the correct sized frame. Most jerseys fit in a 30-by-36-inch or a 32-by-40-inch frame.

  2. Lay out the jersey

    Lay the jersey out on the matte backing board in the desired position. Iron the jersey flat so that the player name, number and sleeve patches are visible.

  3. Pin the jersey

    Temporarily pin the jersey to the mat board. Use stainless steel pins that do not damage jersey fabric.

  4. Sew the jersey

    Stitch the jersey to the mat board. Sew below the neckline, at the start of each sleeve and at the bottom hem. Make sure the thread is through the back of the jersey and does not show on the front. Close the shadow box, and hang it up.

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