How Do You Frame an Existing Bathroom Mirror?


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Framing an existing bathroom mirror requires the use of power tools and lifting heavy objects. Make sure that you follow proper safety guidelines before attempting to frame an existing bathroom mirror.

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Before beginning, choose the materials that you wish the frame to be made out of. Common materials are pine, oak or MDF. Next, choose which color you would like to paint the frame, and buy the corresponding paint color. Then, gather a saw, caulk, a pencil, measuring tape and a caulk gun.

After selecting the wood and paint, cut the wood to the measurements of the mirror, in four pieces. After the wood is cut, paint the wood into the color you desire, and make sure to use two coats. Next, cut the wood using a saw at 45-degree angles so the frame comes to shape.

Next, apply an adhesive to the bottom piece, and connect it to the wall securely. For the other three pieces, apply the caulk using a caulk gun to the side of the wood that you would like to touch the mirror. After the pieces are in place, use a wet cloth to remove excess caulk. Finally, step back and ensure that each piece is properly aligned.

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