How Do You Frame a Deck?


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To frame a deck, cut redwood and pressure-treated wood to length, secure them with screws to make double-thick boards, position the perimeter boards on the foundation, secure them with brackets at the corners, and then install the joists. Once the frame is complete, you can install the deck planks.

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  1. Prepare the wood

    Cut four planks of pressure-treated wood to the desired size of the deck. Do the same for redwood boards. To create double-thick perimeter boards, screw a length of treated wood to redwood. For the center beam, only use pressure-treated lumber. If you need to connect multiple boards to reach the desired length, secure the double-thick joints with steel bracket ties. Once the boards are joined, plane the sides to make them flush.

  2. Position the primary boards

    With the redwood side facing out, place the perimeter boards onto the anchor plates that are installed at the corners of the deck foundation. To secure the perimeter, install brackets at each of the corners with nails.

  3. Complete the frame

    Once the perimeter is complete, install steel joist hangers every 16 inches. Then, set the joists into the hangers, and secure them with nails. Now, the frame is ready to be covered with deck planks.

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