How Do You Frame a Closet?

How Do You Frame a Closet?

To frame closet walls, mark the plate positions, cut out the plates, cut all the wall studs, and toe-screw the studs to the plates. Frame the door by nailing the trimmers to wall studs, "cripple" studs to the top plate and the header to the cripple plates.

  1. Mark the plate positions

    Use a pencil to mark the position of the ends and center of the new closet wall. Mark 1.75 inches on either side of each mark. Use a chalk line to snap parallel lines for the marks you just made.

  2. Mark the floor points

    Hang a plumb bob from the end of the lines, marking them on the floor. Use the chalk line to snap parallel lines for the sole plate position.

  3. Mark the top and sole plates

    Lay the top plates next to the sole plates so they are flush at both ends. Use a combination square to mark 1.5 inches in from one end. Measure up 15.25 inches, and mark. Mark a further 16.75 inches. Continue marking at 16-inch intervals until you reach the end for the stud locations.

  4. Cut the studs

    Subtract 3.75 inches from the ceiling height. Mark each stud, and cut.

  5. Cut trimmer and header studs

    Measure your door. Cut two trimmer studs the precise height of your door. Cut one header stud the width of the door.

  6. Cut and fasten the wall studs

    Cut the wall studs to fit snugly between the top and sole plates. Use toe screws to fasten them to the plates.

  7. Nail "cripple" studs in place

    Nail short boards to the top plate to make up the difference between the ceiling and the door header. Nail the trimmers to a wall stud on either side. Nail the header to the cripple studs and to the king studs. Drive nails in at a 45-degree angle.