How Does Formica Compare to Other Laminates?

Formica and Nevamar laminates are similar in terms of quality. Formica and Wilsonart laminates are common for household countertops. For business use, Nevamar laminates are a popular choice. Type of finish, color and installation are factors that influence comparisons.

Laminates are low-cost, easy to clean and come in a variety of styles. The Formica Solid Surfacing group are acrylic-based with colors and designs going below the surface to resist damage. Nevamar products have a protective treatment designed to withstand high-traffic use, whereas unofficial tests with sanding paper and knives cause scratches on Wilsonart HD samples.

Nevamar laminates produce few chemical emissions. With the Greenguard Gold rating for improved indoor air quality, the laminates are a popular choice for hospitals, schools and offices. As of July 2015, Nevamar offers 275 styles. Formica offers 121 styles, with Ogee or Bullnose edge options to avoid dark seams when joining pieces. Similar to Formica, Wilsonart laminates are available in numerous designs and are made with conscientiously harvested wood.

In contrast to granite, laminates are repairable and do not require special cleaning products. Several manufacturers, including Formica and Wilsonart, offer countertops with integrated sinks. Like other materials, accurate measurements for ordering and installation are important.