How Do You Find Forges for Sale?


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Find forges for sale at CentaurForge.com, DiamondBackIronWorks.com, Amazon.com or eBay.com. EBay.com lists both new and used forges, with some on auction, while the other websites feature new models at set prices.

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On the left side of the main page at CentaurForge.com, click a product category such as Coal and Coke Forges or Gas Forges to display a listing. Gas forges include nine models manufactured by Forgemaster, nine models manufactured by NC and eight models manufactured by Johnson Industrial. These range in price from about $425 for an NC Whisper Baby single burner atmospheric forge to about $19,000 for a Johnson Industrial triple width forge with ultra-violet safety control. More than 80 Centaur coal and coke forges are listed, including shop, portable, mini-coal and rivet coal models. This website also features many other blacksmithing tools, including anvils, tongs, hammers, stands and vises, as well as supplies such as horseshoe nails and rivets.

DiamondBackIronWorks.com features six models of gas forges, as of November 2015, including a one-burner knife-makers forge and a three-burner metalsmith forge. To find forges at eBay.com or Amazon.com, type "blacksmith forge" or other keywords in the search box near the top of the main page to display a listing.

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