What Are the Best Foods to Cook in an Electric Roaster?


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Large meat cuts and whole poultry are common items offered in electric roaster recipes on Food.com or manufacturer sites. Turkey, chicken or pork roasts can be cooked in an electric roaster just as they can be prepared in a traditional oven, though temperature and time requirements may differ.

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Two benefits of using an electric roaster are that large cuts of meat can be cooked faster than in a traditional oven and cooks don't have to pander to meat by constantly basting or turning cuts. Most electric roasters lock moisture inside with the food, causing meat to self-baste for juicy, tender results.

Other foods that can be prepared in an electric roaster include ribs, lamb chops, meatballs, vegetables and certain cuts of fish. Depending on the design of an electric roaster, stews, chilis and pasta dishes, such as lasagna, may also be cooked in it.

NESCO provides a list of recipes for use with its line of electric roasters. In addition to the food types mentioned above, NESCO offers instructions for making pizza, enchiladas, stuffed mushrooms, hamburger casserole and minestrone in its roasters. The manufacturer even provides bread and dessert recipes, including pudding, cake and meringue options, as well as a few beverage recipes.

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