Why Is the Food in the Refrigerator Becoming Frozen?


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If food in the refrigerator is too cold and is freezing, it is most likely due to issues with the refrigerators thermostat, cold control, condenser coils or drain line.These issues may be easily resolved through troubleshooting the source of the problem or may require professional repair.

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To troubleshoot issues causing food freezing in the refrigerator:

  1. Check temperature
  2. Check to see if frost is forming in a frost-free refrigerator. If it is, it may be a thermostat issue. Turn cold control up and then down. If the compressor turns off, it is a matter of resetting your temperature. If it does not, the control will need repair.
  3. Check condenser coils
  4. Check the condenser coils behind the kick plate or back of the refrigerator. If they are blocked or dirty, the refrigerator will not operate efficiently.  Try vacuuming the coils if excessively clogged.
  5. Check the drain line
  6. The drain line under the evaporator coils disperses water from defrost and will not operate correctly if it is blocked.
  7. Schedule repairs
  8. If freezing of food persists, the thermostat, cold control or defrost timer may need professional repair or replacement.
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