How Do You Get Food Dye Off Your Hands?

Modern Mom suggests using lotion to loosen food coloring from skin. Mixing salt and vinegar makes a paste that is useful for rubbing away food dye. Keep washing with the paste until the coloring is gone. Wash with soap and water afterwards.

Creative Homemaking notes that washing with shaving cream and cold water removes food coloring from the hands. Shaving cream contains peroxide and various other chemicals that aid in lifting dye from the skin. Shaving cream is also an option for removing food dye from clothes and surfaces. Style Studio 360 notes that baking soda can be used for food coloring on hands; however, it may leave the skin dry and requires lotion application. Toothpaste, in particular, is a good remover of food coloring from the hands. After applying the toothpaste, wash with soap and water.

In tougher cases, Comet gel or powder is also effective, but it is tougher on the skin. Applying a professional hand cleaner such as Permatex Hand Cleaner is another useful method. Pumice is another item to think about since it removes the outer layer of the skin. It is important to wash one's hands as much as possible to get rid of the coloring. Washing with warm water and soap is a less expeditious method to rid the stain from the hands, but it is slowly effective. Using soap and water directly after the dye gets on the skin is the best way of preventing entrenched stains.