How Do You Fold a Shirt?

How Do You Fold a Shirt?

Though there are many ways to fold a shirt, one of the simplest methods begins with placing it front side down on a flat surface and folding the left side of the shirt inwards at the armhole. Next, align the sleeve and the side of the shirt towards the middle. Repeat the process for the other side. Finally, fold the bottom of the shirt towards the collar.

  1. Find a flat surface

    Choose a flat surface to place the shirt on during folding. Use the bed or a clean counter space for this purpose.

  2. Lay the shirt on the surface

    Start by fastening the buttons on the shirt, if it has buttons. Then place the shirt's front side facing down on the flat surface. Use your hands to smooth out any wrinkles.

  3. Fold the sleeves

    Fold the sleeves towards the middle of the shirt. Ensure that they are parallel to the shoulders. Flatten any remaining wrinkles with your hands.

  4. Fold the sides

    Fold each side of the shirt inwards. Make sure that the two sides of the shirt touch at the top.

  5. Fold the bottom of the shirt

    Fold the shirt in half by bringing the bottom of the shirt towards the top. Create more space for storage by folding the shirt in half once again.