How Do You Fold Napkins to Hold Silverware?


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To fold a napkin to hold silverware, fold the napkin in half horizontally, fold the top edge down to the center crease, and turn the napkin over to fold the left and right edges toward the center. This creates a pouch for the silverware, holding the handles in place while leaving the ends exposed.

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  1. Fold the napkin in half

    Choose a hard, smooth surface and a napkin suitable for holding silverware. Sturdy cloth napkins work best for this technique because they are less likely to tear during folding. Lay the napkin out on the surface in front of you, and fold it in half horizontally, bringing the bottom edge up to meet the top.

  2. Fold the top layer of the napkin in half again

    Take the top edge of the napkin, which was originally the bottom edge closest to you, in both hands. Fold it down just past the newly created crease, which is the original center line of the napkin. Tuck the excess fabric under the crease, and smooth the napkin out with your fingers.

  3. Fold the left and right edges in to create the desired width

    Turn the napkin over, revealing the excess cloth that you just tucked under. Keeping that excess cloth in place, fold the left and right sides of the napkin in toward the center, stopping at any time to create your desired width. Turn the napkin over again, revealing a pouch, and slide the silverware in handle-first.

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