How Do You Fold Laundry?


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According to Martha Stewart, if you focus on small details when folding laundry, a big impact can be made on your appearance. Follow these techniques to properly fold a load of towels, T-shirts or button-downs in 20 minutes or less. Items you need include a clean, flat surface and some hangers. For best results, make sure to line up and smooth out the edges after each fold.

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  1. Fold button-down shirts

    Remove dry shirts promptly, and hang them to prevent wrinkling. Correct the collar, and button the shirt to the top. Remove the hanger. Lay the shirt face-down, pinch midway between the sleeve and the collar and fold each side back. Fold the cuff to the armpit at an angle, bring the tail of the shirt to the top, and fold again.

  2. Fold T-shirts

    Lay the T-shirt face-up with its collar near your dominant hand, and smooth out any wrinkles. Pinch the midpoint of the far shoulder, and, keeping hands equidistant, pinch midway down the body. Grab the opposing hemline with your dominant hand and lift, and then fold in the remaining sleeve as you lay the shirt down.

  3. Fold towels

    Fold the towel in half by gripping it at its midpoint, and make another fold by lifting the ends to the seam. Fold the final rectangle into thirds by turning one side over the other.

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