How Do You Fold a Fitted Bed Sheet?

How Do You Fold a Fitted Bed Sheet?

To fold a fitted bed sheet, bring the adjoining corners of the short edges together and continue to fold the remaining corners up until the sheet is rectangular in shape. Hide the elastic edges and fold to the desired size.

  1. Bring the corners together

    Turn the sheet inside out and hold it out by the two corners of the shorter edges. Move the corner in the right hand to the corner in the left and fold the corners together. Take the section of the sheet that is dangling in front, and lift it up to the left hand. That corner will appear inside out. Fold the final corner up so that it surrounds the other three.

  2. Shape the bed sheet

    Place the folded sheet on a flat surface, and shape it into a rectangle. Tuck the edges in so that the elastic is concealed.

  3. Size as desired

    Continue to fold the bed sheet into a smaller rectangle until it is the desired size for storage purposes.