How Do You Fold Clothes Neatly?


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To fold clothes neatly, the clothes should be folded as they come out of the dryer. There is less wrinkling at this point. Buttons and closures need to be fastened, and the seams should be lined up and pulled taut.

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To fold a shirt, hold it by the shoulder seams with the front of the shirt facing you. Fold both sleeves back so that they meet in the middle. The side edges of the shirt should fold under slightly. Turn the shirt over and lay it down, making sure the folds are flat. Lift the bottom of the shirt and bring it to the top, folding the shirt in half.

To fold creased pants, hold both pant legs by the bottom hem. Line up the inside and outside hem on each leg. Hold the legs together and give the pants a shake. If the folds do not fall into the crease adjust the folds until they do. To hang, drape the pants over a hanger, folding the pants in half. If you are placing the pans in a drawer, fold the pants in thirds. For a smoother fold, lay the pants down flat and straighten the seams by pulling on them. Fold one leg over the other, matching the seams. Smooth the pants. Fold them in half over a hanger or fold them in thirds to place them in a drawer.

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