How Do You Flush a Crown Steam Boiler?


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To keep a Crown steam boiler running in top condition, a person first needs to prep it before flushing. It is recommended that people flush a steam boiler about once each month. This helps to keep the boiler running correctly and ensures maximum efficiency.

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To prep the Crown steam boiler, a person should be sure that the boiler is turned off. In order to keep messes to a minimum, a bucket should be placed under the spigot of the boiler, and rags should be placed around the bucket. Since spills may occur, this is the best way to keep any water contained. The rags being used should be old, as they get dirty and must be thrown away after use.

When ready to begin, the spigot should be opened slowly and allowed to drain into the bucket. It is important to watch this happen, as the bucket likely needs to be drained on occasion. As an alternative, two or more buckets can be used to collect the water. A person should notice that much of the water that comes out of the spigot is dirty, but eventually changes to clear. At this point, the individual should close the spigot and turn the boiler back on, completing the process.

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