What Is a Floxite Replacement Mirror?


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Floxite replacement mirrors are mirrors produced by Floxite, which are typically circular and include strong levels of magnification. The Floxite brand of mirrors uses a special method to process the glass, and this creates very strong magnification without any form of visual distortion.

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Floxite mirrors come in a range of sizes. The compact Floxite mirror reflects the user's image with a magnification power ranging from three to 10 times the original image. These mirrors come in two varieties. The original compact Floxite mirror was unlighted, while other versions include a circular light around the frame of the mirror.

Floxite also creates large vanity mirrors in several varieties. Some stand upright, while others are wall-mounted. These mirrors have a magnification power of anywhere from eight to 15 times the size of the original image. These mirrors come in three varieties. The original Floxite vanity mirror is unlighted and intended for home use.

The second version of the Floxite mirror is also meant for home use, but it includes a circular lighting band around the rim of the mirror. Another version of the Floxite mirror is meant for travel. It also includes a lighted band around the mirror, but it is constructed for ease of storage for transportation.

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