What Flowers Do Well in Full Sun?


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Flowers that do well in full sun include amaranth, wheat celosia, spider flower, California poppy and Gazania hybrids. Other flowers that thrive well in full sun are African daisy, bitterweed, blanket flower and fanflower.

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What Flowers Do Well in Full Sun?
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There are different varieties of amaranth that produce red, purple, green, gold or orange flowers. The flowers can’t tolerate shade and thrive well in high heat. While some varieties are grown strictly for food, they produce flowers with colorful foliage and chenille blooms. The globe amaranth has rounded flowers that come in a combination of purple, lavender, pink and white flowers.

The African daisy flourishes well in high heat and has different varieties with wooly, hairy and rough, lobed leaves. The flowers have heads with contrasting rings of color. They have different colors, including red, yellow, orange, pink and white.

Gazania is a perennial flower that thrives well in harsh climates. The flower closes at night and comes in a range of bright colors.

Lantana flowers thrive well through the summer and require little water to grow in 100-degree F heat. There are different varieties of lantana flowers, such as lantana camara hybrids that grow fast to produce colorful flowers profusely over the long season. Shrubby lantana flowers are ideal for low hedges or containers, and spreading flowers are excellent for ground covers.

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