Which Flowers Grow in the Winter?


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Many flowers grow outdoors in the winter, including calendula. Some Fall and Spring flowers may be grown indoors during the winter. Some other winter flowers include the pansies, English daisies, snapdragons, and heath (Erica).

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There are a wide variety of winter flowers in the United States. The viola is one such flower that bounces back from rain and wintry conditions well. They come in cream, white, yellow, blue, and bi-colored blooms. They do well in sun or part-shade.

Another winter flower is the Poinsettia. This is a very popular plant that adorns the homes of many people around the winter holidays. It is a vibrant red color with green in the center, and it is actually considered to be a shrub. Place it near a window where it will receive optimal sunlight.

The Snowdrop flower grows from late winter until early spring. It is the flower for the birth month of January, and the bulbs require a period of coldness before they can be grown.

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