What Flowers Grow in Sandy Soil?


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Oregon stonecrop plants survive in sandy soil and drought-like conditions, according to SF Gate. Flowering quince and red chokeberry grow in all types of soil, including sandy landscapes. Different types of perennial flowers, such as lavender and daylilies, thrive in dry conditions.

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What Flowers Grow in Sandy Soil?
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Evergreen spurge is a plant that can survive in full or partial shade, and it can fare through dry soil and droughts. The plant grows up to three feet tall and has bluish-green leaves. Western sword fern is another plant that does best in shady areas, and it can grow in clay or sandy soil. Western sword ferns are known for having an acidic pH level, and there is a leathery texture to their foliage. They are most notable for not flowering and being deer and rabbit resistant. Lavender and catmint are other plants that rabbits and deer do not enjoy, but their extravagant blossoms attract butterflies. Moss phlox grows in full sun and has butterfly-attracting red, purple and white flowers. Daylilies do not produce a fragrance, and they grow well in different soil types. They have thick roots to contend with drought.

Garden Guides mentions that pinks grow in well-drained soil that is gritty. Yarrow is an evergreen perennial that prefers drained soil, and it grows in open, sunny areas. Periwinkle grows in moist, sandy soil. Rose of Sharon receives extra nurturing if organic compost is added to sandy ground.

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