What Flowers Grow Best in Direct Sunlight?


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Several plants grow well in direct sunlight, including lavender, lamb's ear, bee balm, aster, daylilies, butterfly weed and Russian sage. Other plants include miniature roses, hibiscus, marigold, geranium, petunia, sunflower, daffodils and purple coneflower.

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What Flowers Grow Best in Direct Sunlight?
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Some full-sun plants prefer ample sunlight each day. However, others can handle partial shade as well. Examples of plants that prefer full sunlight include the African daisy, alpine poppy, aster, beaded iris, black-eyed Susan, blanket flower, rock jasmine and Texas bluebonnet. Plants that prefer full sun or partial sun include thistle, bird of paradise, calla lily, catnip and chameleon plant.

Different types or groups of plants generally handle full sun well. These includes border plants such as yarrow, lavender and Russian sage. Such plants do well in full sun and also work well in many different areas. Full-sun perennials include hibiscus, Artemisia, lamb's ear and miniature roses. There is also a selection of annual flowers, particularly for growing in pots or along sunny borders. Such flowers include petunias, moss rose, zinnias, sunflowers, marigolds and geraniums. Some plants encompass different groups, including lavender, Shasta daisy, Russian sage, butterfly weed and lamb's ear.

Aside from the ability to handle full sun, plants should be adapted to certain living conditions, including droughts and hot climates.

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