What Flowers Bloom in May?

What Flowers Bloom in May?

Flowers that bloom in May include ajuga, blue star, anemone and peony. These particular flowers are also perennials, which means they return year after year.

Ajuga, also known as bugleweed, is excellent for ground cover, borders and rock gardens. It usually grows only 6 inches high and has a spread that can be as wide as 18 inches. Its small, whorled flowers come in shades of white, pink, violet and blue.

Blue star is a tough and low maintenance plant that bears clusters of small, blue flowers shaped like stars. The leaves resemble those of the willow and turn golden in the fall. Similar to bugleweed, it makes a good border plant, and it is also excellent for a woodland garden. Blue star grows in full sun to light shade, and it prefers soil that's loamy and well drained.

Another flower that blooms in May is the anemone flower or windflower. It bears cup-shaped flowers with double or single rows of petals. Windflowers prefer partial shade and come in shades of white, cream, red, purple or blue. Anemone not only blooms in May, but repeats throughout the summer and into the fall.

Peonies are resilient plants known for blooming great, showy flowers during the month of May. They are commonly used to make beautiful cut flowers and bouquets for May weddings.