What Flowers Bloom in February?

flowers-bloom-february Credit: rogersmith/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

There are a surprising number of flowers that bloom in February in the Northern hemisphere, especially in the southern areas of the United States. According to Birds and Blooms, they include: hellebore, winter heath and snowdrop and sweet flag.

Daphne odora is known for blossoming in February till early spring. It's a dwarf, spreading shrub that can grow up to three feet tall. The fragrant flowers bloom from reddish purple buds and are white with reddish purple throats.

Birds and Blooms states that Hellebore is known for blossoming in the winter, including February. One variety, in fact, is known as the Christmas rose. This plant has white, saucer-shaped flowers and leathery, evergreen leaves. Another Hellebore, the Corsican Hellebore, has flowers of an unusual creamy-green. These are cup-shaped and borne in bunches. The leaves of this hellebore are also evergreen.

Mahonia lomariifolia is a February blooming, evergreen shrub that can grow up to 8-feet tall. It has deep yellow flowers that are borne in racemes that are up to 8-inches long. Interestingly, though Mahonia lomariifolia blooms in winter, it is tender, and it must be planted in a place where it is protected from the worst of the cold.

Winter jasmine is a tough plant that bears yellow, star-shaped blossoms from autumn till early spring, so its best blooming time is around February.