What Flowers Bloom in August?

Yellowbells, also known as the yellow trumpet, are flowers that bloom in August. China aster and Sweet autumn clematis are other types of flowers that begin blooming in August, much later than other plants.

Planting flowers that bloom in August helps keep a garden looking colorful and vibrant throughout the whole summer season into the fall. Yellowbell plants are native to Central America and the American Southwest areas. Care for these plants is similar to caring for annuals due to the tender tropical vines. They tolerate heat well and are easy to grow in many types of soil. They produce glossy green leaves and feature lots of vibrant yellow flowers resembling a small trumpet.

China aster starts to bloom in August and continues to bloom until a frost sets in. This plant features many shades to choose from, including pink, lavender, white and rose colors. The flowers of the China aster resemble large garden mums.

The Sweet autumn clematis plant has flowers that are creamy white and somewhat smaller than the spring blooming varieties. The flowers are smaller, but the plant itself grows much bigger than the spring blooming variety. Small buds, with a slightly sweet scent, cover this plant as it prepares to bloom.