What Are Some Flowering Trees in Florida?


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Flowering trees that grow in Florida include bougainvillea, golden dewdrop, geiger, frangipani and crepe jasmine. Weeping hibiscus, jatropha and weeping bottlebrush also thrive in Florida.

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Bougainvillea trees produce dense clusters of small, bright pink flowers. Regular pruning helps the plant retain its proper shape and size. Bougainvillea flowers several times per year, including winter.

Golden dewdrop is an evergreen tree that reaches a maximum height of 18 feet. It produces delicate bluish-purple flowers and tiny yellow berries. This plant flourishes in sunny locations, but also grows in partial shade. Golden dewdrop requires regular pruning and watering.

Frangipani, also called plumeria, grows up to 13 feet tall. Its flowers have yellow centers and five pink or white petals. Frangipani trees do not tolerate cold and require excellent soil drainage.

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