Which Flowering Bushes Require Full Sun?

Which Flowering Bushes Require Full Sun?

Bluebeard shrub, butterfly bush, oleander, potentilla and rock rose are some flowering bushes that require full sun. These low-maintenance perennial bushes also prefer well-drained soil.

Bluebeard shrubs attract birds and butterflies in late summer with blue blossoms, which also serve as attractive cut flowers. This bush grows to 4 feet and is heat- and drought-resistant in zones five through nine.

Butterfly bush produces clusters of blossoms that resemble lilac blooms through summer into autumn in a variety of colors, including pink, white, purple and blue. The plant grows 10 feet and taller, providing fragrant blooms in zones five through nine.

Oleander is a rugged plant that grows in otherwise difficult sunny locations, providing blooms in pink, red, yellow, purple and white. The poisonous plant is not pet- or child-friendly, but it provides easy summer color in subtropical climates, such as zones 10 and 11.

Potentilla is another easy-growing shrub. The compact 3-foot shrub provides blooms in late spring in white and a variety of warm colors. The blooms resemble single roses, and the divided foliage provides texture to gardens in zones three through seven.

Rock roses are drought-resistant and provide single blossoms in pink, purple and white all summer. The plants grow to 5 feet tall in zones eight through 10.