What Are Some Flower Drying Techniques?

What Are Some Flower Drying Techniques?

Flower drying techniques include pressing, air drying, microwaving or using silica gel. Alternatively, simply leave the flowers in a vase until they are completely dry.

Use a heavy old book like an encyclopedia to press flowers. Place flowers face down between two sheets of wax or parchment paper. Put the paper between the pages of a book and keep it closed for about a week.

Air-dry flowers in a few weeks by making a bouquet and holding it together with a rubber band. Hang them in an area with good ventilation and no direct sunlight, with the blossoms facing down.

To dry flowers in a few days, buy silica gel at a craft store. Place the flowers in a large container and pour the silica gel over them, leaving the flowers alone until they dehydrate.

Desiccate flowers in a few minutes by placing them in a microwave-safe bowl and covering them with about four cups of cat litter. After microwaving the bowl on high for about three minutes, let everything cool and then brush off the cat litter.

To dry flowers in a vase, add a few inches of water to the vase and leave the flowers alone until the water evaporates and the flowers are completely without moisture. This works best for flowers with stiff stems, such as hydrangeas.