What Are Some Flower Bulb Catalogs?

What Are Some Flower Bulb Catalogs?

Old House Gardens, McClure and Zimmerman, Breck's and White Flower Farm are plant companies that publish bulb catalogs in print format. Each company also sells bulbs online.

Old House Garden publishes a $2.00 catalog of heirloom bulbs. Bulbs for fall and spring planting include many varieties of hyacinth, tulip, iris and gladiolus. The catalog features rare bulbs including the red-cupped Firetail daffodil developed in 1910 and the atropurpurea dahlia from 1789. The company advocates planting heirloom bulbs for species preservation and ease of growth.

McClure and Zimmerman publishes catalogs for the fall and spring planting seasons. Fall bulbs featured in the catalog include freesia, muscari and oxalis, in addition to standard offerings of daffodils, tulips and allium. Spring bulbs include the unusual eremurus, mertensia and crocosmia species. Standard spring bulbs include dahlia, caladium and cannas.

Breck's serves American customers with bulbs imported from Holland. Popular trademark varieties include the Blueberry Ripple tulip, the Kirinmaru peony and the Orange Turmoil dahlia. Breck's also offers Asiatic lily and begonia bulbs for the summer planting season.

White Flower Farm's catalog features all types of landscape plants including bulbs. The company offers standard varieties of daffodils, tulips and lilies. The nursery also sells specialty bulbs such as galanthus, ipheion and erythronium.