How Does Flotex Compare to Traditional Carpeting?


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Flotex Flocked Flooring differs from traditional carpeting in that it uses a special construction process to provide a sturdy ground protection system that also contains visual design options and easy cleaning capabilities. Traditional carpet is more prone to stains and uses a different construction method that allows for different amounts of padding.

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Flotex Flocked Flooring begins with a solid vinyl base that includes special reinforcing, which makes the material studier than traditional carpet and thus better capable of protecting the subfloor from dents and other damage. The material incorporates a dense packing of nylon fibers, which creates a full coverage above the base that helps add to its comfort and to the protection of the floor. This also gives the flooring extra sound dampening capabilities, as it creates a more contiguous covering that stops sound reverberation. The dense packing also captures allergens and other airborne debris, while making it easy to clean because of the nonporous nylon design.

Traditional carpeting uses a less solid base that only allows for the weaving of fibers to create the top layer, known as the pile. Most traditional carpet uses either a cut pile or tufted design, which consists of individual strands or loops, respectively. In all cases, traditional carpet exposes more of the subfloor to damage from spills, and it absorbs stains, making it harder to clean.

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