What are some floor wax products by S.C. Johnson & Son?


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Floor wax products by SC Johnson and Son include SC Johnson Paste Wax and SC Johnson One Step No Buff Wax. Both products clean and polish floors and leave a shine.

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The SC Johnson Paste Wax is suitable for vinyl, cork and wood floors. The company claims that the wax thoroughly cleans these surfaces and polishes them, leaving a shine. It can also clean and revitalize damaged and worn wood floors. To use SC Johnson paste wax, the consumer should start by cleaning any sticky or dirty spots on his floor with a solvent-based cleaner. He should then evenly apply a thin coat of the wax.

The wax takes about 20 to 30 minutes to dry on floors, after which it is necessary to buff the floor using an electric polisher. On floors that have been recently sealed, the user should read the manufacturer's instructions on how long to wait before waxing the floor. If the floor is made from light vinyl, it is important to test the wax on a small area first to avoid discoloration or staining. This wax is not ideal for use on asphalt tiles.

The SC Johnson One Step No Buff Wax is designed for use on wood, vinyl and cork floors. It deep cleans the floor and gets rid of heel marks and dirt. The first step is to sweep or vacuum the floor. Shake the wax well, and pour a pool of the product on the floor. Evenly spread the product all over the floor using a wax applicator or a clean cloth. Finish with even strokes in a single direction. Apply generous amounts so that the floor appears wet. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes to dry. No buffing is necessary.

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