What Is Floor Leveling Compound Used For?

Floor leveling compound is often used in older homes with damaged or warped wooden floors. It creates a perfectly smooth, level floor surface. Once the compound is dry, the newly leveled floor is ready to be covered with wooden planks, tiles, linoleum or wall-to-wall carpet.

Floor leveling compound is inexpensive and easy to apply without professional help. It is safe to use over plywood, concrete, asphalt and sand. It is also suitable for heated floors. Before the compound is applied, the subfloor needs a thorough washing and at least 24 hours to dry.

Floor leveling compound is closely related to self-leveling cement, another useful building and renovation material. Self-leveling cement quickly evens large floor surfaces and requires minimal effort. After the cement is mixed with water according to the manufacturer's directions, it is poured over the uneven floor. Self-leveling cement has a thinner texture than other types of cement, and it easily fills in dips, scoops, gouges and other uneven areas.

Floor leveling compound and self-leveling cement must have adequate time to dry. Installing carpet, beams, tiles or other floor coverings too early ruins the floor and the covering material. Small rooms require at least 24 hours to dry, and larger spaces need to dry for up to four days.